Terms and conditions


Chapter 1. General Rules

Article 1. (Purpose)

o This Terms of Service prescribes the rights, duties, and responsibilities of Mokkoji Korea and users required to use the Internet-related Service provided by Mokkoji Korea (hereinafter referred to as "service").

Article 2. (Effect and Modification of Terms and Conditions)

① This Terms of Service shall enter into force by posted on the service menu and Mokkoji Korea.

② The Company, Mokkoji Korea, can modify this Terms and Conditions within the scope, not contravening the relevant laws and regulations such as the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signature Act, and the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use. In such a case, the effective date and reason for the revision shall be notified on the initialized page of Mokkoji Korea with the current term from seven (7) days before the effective date to the day before the application date.

③ If this company revises Terms of Service, the modified term shall be submitted to members before the revision unless the revised contents violate relevant laws and regulations. It also applies to members who have signed up before.

Article 3. (Application of Terms) o Any matters that are not prescribed in this Terms of Service shall be subject to e-commerce consumer protection guidelines, related statutes, and the terms and conditions established by the government. Article 4. (Definition of Terms) ① The Terms herein shall be defined as follows: 1. "Service" refers to online services such as content and community provided on the Internet, apart from the access function that Mokkoji Korea offers users to the Internet. 2. "Online Service User" refers to a person who has signed a contract with Mokkoji Korea and has been given a user ID to receive the service. 3. "Use Contract" refers to the issuance of "User ID" for the Mokkoji Korea online service to receive the service. 4. "User ID" refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by online service users and given by Mokkoji Korea to identify online service users and the use of online service customers. 5. "Password" refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by online service users to ensure that the online service user is the same user ID as the user ID granted and to protect the rights and interests of the user. ② Except paragraph 1, the definitions of terminologies used in this term shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.


Chapter 2. Service Agreement

Article 5. (Classification of Service)

① The services provided by Mokkoji Korea to online service users are classificated by contents on the Internet, community services, sections for members, and other services that Mokkoji Korea develops on itself or provides to members through cooperation contracts with business partners.

② The type and contents of the service are determined distinctively by Mokkoji Korea's terms and conditions of each service and the guidance.

Article 6. (Application for Use)

① User who wants to use the service (hereinafter referred to as "application customer") must be required to fill out the online application form provided by Mokkoji Korea right and accurate information about yourself. If the false statement of fact is discovered, the company will enforce the service use contract.

② For the user to register as a member, the user must agree to the contents of these terms and conditions and be part of the agreement.

Article 7 (Approval of Application for Use) o Mokkoji Korea consents using the service when the user applying for use accurately fills out all the details following the application form and agrees to the terms and conditions under Article 6. Applications for use are processed in the order. Article 8 (Disapproved and Limitation of Application for Use) ① Mokkoji Korea may withhold or refuse its approval on the use regarding a case falls under any of the following subparagraphs. 1. If you have applied for it using the identity of another person. 2. If you attached a false document. 3. If you applied for against public order and safety or offense against public morals. 4. If User's application for other reasons shall be deniable for his/her attributable reason. ② If the application for the use of the service falls under one of the following subparagraphs, Mokkoji Korea may reserve the consent until the reasons for the approval are dissolved. 1. If Mokkoji Korea does not have sufficient facilities. 2. If there is a technical obstacle in Mokkoji Korea. 3. If there is a service disruption. 4. If it is difficult to approve the use due to other company's attributable reason. ③ Mokkoji Korea shall notify the reason for the application restriction of approval and the term of acceptance by email in the method prescribed in the provision 2. Article 9 (Granting or Modifying administration permissions to User ID) o Mokkoji Korea shall issue Member IDs for Members as outlined in this Terms of Service. Membership ID can not be changed under any circumstance. Except for Mokkoji Korea allows and changes the user number.


Chapter 3. Obligation of Contracting Parties

Article 10 (Obligation of Mokkoji Korea)

① Mokkoji Korea can not divulge or distribute the information of users acquired in connection with the provision of services to others without the prior consent of the user.

However, this is excluded when there is a request for the purpose of the investigation by the Korea Internet Safety Commission or related organizations (police/prosecutors).

② Mokkoji Korea will repair the equipment without delay when there is a reason for the failure or loss of the equipment to provide continuous and stable service. However, if an uncontrollable state occurred, including a natural disaster or emergency, the company shall suspend temporarily or stop the service.

③ Mokkoji Korea may send out via email or SMS various information, including notices and advertisements to users who consent to the reception.

Article 11 (Obligation of the Users) ① The user shall notify Mokkoji Korea immediately or when any change is made to the agreement including address, phone number, and others or change it him/herself. ② Users shall not engage in any of the following acts against public order and safety or offense against public morals. 1. In case of purpose for a criminal act or criminal solicitation. 2. In case of intent for anti-national activity. 3. In case of threatening public order and other public morals.


Chapter 4. Service Use

Article 12 (Service Hours)

① The service is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as long as there are no particular business or technical difficulties in Mokkoji Korea. However, the company shall not do so on the company's day or time for periodic system inspection, temporary inspection, expansion, and replacement.

② Mokkoji Korea can divide the service into specific ranges and specify the available hours separately for each range by giving advance notice.

Article 13 (Management of the User ID)

① User is responsible for the management of service member ID and password.

② All responsibilities for using the service caused by the negligence of issued ID and passwords or the third party's illegal use are under the user. However, this is not the case if it is due to the company's fault or the reasons recognized by the company.

Article 14 (Preservation of Documentaries) o If a specific period for posting is set, we ask the users who want to keep the data and email beyond the designated period to manage the important files on their own. Article 15 (Management of Post) ① Mokkoji Korea shall delete, move data, or reject a registration at its discretion if a case falls under any of the following subparagraphs. 1. Where a post to impair or disadvantage others' honor by slandering or mud-slinging. 2. Where a post against public order and safety or offense against public morals. 3. Where a post related a crime act. 4. Where a post infringes the copyright of a third party or other rights. 5. If the user didn't take action under Article 15 within a considerable time, even after the stipulated period by Mokkoji Korea. 6. Upload lewd materials on the bulletin board or connect (link) harmful sites. 7. Upload unnecessary or unauthorized advertisements, promotions, or "Junk Mail", "Spam", "Chail Letters", or sales pitch "Multi-level Marketing(MLM)”. 8. Where a post violated other related laws or has its possibility. ② Mokkoji Korea shall notify the user of the reason who refuses to delete, move, or register data under provision 1. However, this may not be the case in difficult circumstances. Article 16 (Copyright of Post) ① The copyright of the member's registered post belongs to the corresponding copyright holder. The copyright of the member's registered post belongs to the corresponding copyright holder. Hence, users are responsible for any problems caused by uploaded posts by themselves. ② Mokkoji Korea can not use posts without permission of the copyright holder for-profit. Article 17 (Service Addition or Change) o If the service contents are added or changed and necessary for use change, the service information shall be posted or notified by Mokkoji Korea. Article 18 (Responsible for Service Using) o Users can not conduct business activities such as direct sales of products using the service, except as otherwise permitted by Mokkoji Korea. In particular, hacking, advertising, earning money, commercial activities through pornographic websites, and illegal retail software distribution are not allowed. Mokkoji Korea is not responsible for the consequences and losses of business activities in violation of arrests by related agencies.


Chapter 5. Restriction or Suspension of the Service

Article 19 (Restriction or Suspension of the Business)

o Mokkoji Korea shall restrict or suspend all services in the case of war, accident, natural disaster, or national emergency, and other unavoidable reasons, such as the suspension of telecommunication services by a key telecommunications service provider under the Telecommunications Business Act.

Article 20 (Restriction of Use)

① Mokkoji Korea may cancel the contract or delete the post or restrict or suspend the use of all or part of the service if the service details of the Internet service customers fall under any of the following. However, we need to notify the customers who use the Internet service in advance. Still, if necessary, we can restrict the use immediately.

1. Where a customer using an online service fails to fulfill his/her obligations under provision 1 of Article 6, provision 1 of Article 11, and provision 2 of Article 11.

2. Transmit any information, in bad faith, that can interfere or impede a stable Service operation or any commercial information or Spam Mails against the recipient's explicit refusal of reception.

3. Register or circulate computer viruses to cause malfunction of telecommunication equipment or destroy and disrupt information.

4. Violate intellectual property rights of others or a third party.

5. The user received an authoritative interpretation from the National Election Commission regarding illegal electioneering or a request for correction by other agencies such as the Korea Internet Safety Commission.

6. Using other's personal information, user ID, and passwords in an inappropriate way.

7. Where information obtained using the service information is reproduced, distributed, or used commercially without consent of Mokkoji Korea in advance.

8. Where the user posts obscene materials on a club or bulletin board, or links to pornographic websites. 9. Violate the relevant legislation, such as electricity and communications laws.

② If there is no record of signing into or accessing the service over a year, in that case, Mokkoji Korea shall delete the user's information after notifying via email.

Article 21 (Restrict and Release of Use) ① Where users hack, illegally distribute, and operate S/W, introduce gambling/porn, or advertise for-profits, Mokkoji Korea shall immediately terminate without notifying the users. ② Users using the service or their substitute who has been notified of the suspension of use under provision 1 of Article 20 can request an objection when they have a complaint to the notification. ③ Mokkoji Korea shall temporarily postpone received objection under provision 2 until the period for confirmation thereof. The result is notified to the user or their substitutes. ④ Mokkoji Korea shall immediately withdraw the suspension of use if the reason for the suspension is verified to have been resolved during that period.


Chapter 6. Prohibition of Transfer

Article 22 (Prohibition of transfer)

o Users can not transfer or give the right to use the service or other status of use contract to another person and can not provide it as collateral.

Chapter 7. Damages and Indemnification

Article 23 (Damages and Indemnification)

① The Company shall not be liable for any damages unless on the attributable reason.

② Mokkoji Korea is not involved in any transactions or employment through Mokkoji Korea, resolving through mutual agreement between the seller and the buyer, in principle.

③ In case of any disputes arising out of or related to use of the Service between the Parties concerned, Mokkoji Korea may file a lawsuit to a competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

Article 24 (Indemnity)

① If a member has suffered damage by trusting the accuracy of information, data, and facts posted by other members.

② If the service can not be provided due to force majeure such as exhibition, affairs, natural disasters, or national emergency, which is temporarily stopped due to inevitable reasons. such as maintenance,

Responsibility for the company's service provision is waived. In this case, Mokkoji Korea shall notify the users under Article 2 of this Terms of Service.

③ Mokkoji Korea shall take no responsibility for any loss occurred by attributable reason of users.

Supplementary Provisions o About the Service, Mokkoji Korea must not assure or guarantee any specific matters that are not prescribed in this Terms and Conditions. o Mokkoji Korea shall not be held responsible for any problems caused by Internet service users downloading S/W, using email accounts provided by Mokkoji Korea, or using information acquired through online services. o Mokkoji Korea can delete the user number in the event of a recurrence and request legal action for users to send commercial advertisements, Multi-level Marketing(MLM), swearing, slandering, and sending emails against the receiver's will. o Mokkoji Korea can immediately delete the user ID without warning and request legal action to the related agencies under a reason for online service customers to send a large amount of mail using the automatic mail transmission program, illegal S/W, sales of obscene CDs, or mails that infringe on an other's right.

This Agreement will be effective to “Service Users” or New subscribers on Mokkojikorea.com from Aug 23, 2021.